Billy Bob Buttons News


School Visits in London

Next week, Billy Bob Buttons will be in London visiting 10 schools including Woodpecker Hall Academy, Romsey Abbey Primary, the International School of London and Benthal Primary School in Hackney.


School Visits in Peterborough

Billy Bob Buttons just returned from a fantastic visit to Peterborough where he visited All Saints C of E Primary and Norwood Primary. Fun workshops, lots of booksigning, and lots of happy children, parents and teachers!


One of the Biggest Children’s authors in the UK

In a recent survey of independent authors in the UK, Billy Bob Buttons was ranked as the third largest selling children’s author in the UK! Selling over 100,000 books per year and with a total of 1,200,000 sold over the last ten years, we hope, next year, he will be first.