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This year, Billy Bob Buttons will be working on two projects: the film script for I Think I Murdered Miss which he also plans to produce, and a children’s book for yrs 1 - 3 entitled Graffiti Gran. It will also include The Attack of the Killer Traffic Cones, Medusa 11 3/4 and three others.



Billy Bob Button’s next children’s book is called Graffitit Gran. It will also include Medusa 11 3/4, Lollipop Bob, Never, Ever Tickle the Tickle Monster, and The Attack of the Killer Traffic Cones. Written for 6 - 8 year olds, it will be fully illustrated. The new book should be in the shops by summer 2020! To see the cover, visit the COMING SOON page.



Billy Bob Buttons’ latest picture book is now in the shops. If you want to get a copy, you can buy it on the website or simply go to Amazon. Enjoy!