Billy Bob Buttons News


Schools Visits Up Until Christmas

Billy Bob Buttons is going to be visiting a lot of schools on the run up to Christmas. He will be delivering lots of workshops and signing books for parents and children. A few of them are: Lincoln Gardens, West Grantham, Yew Tree, Whitefriars and Austwick plus approx. 20 others. He’ll see you there!!!


What’s BBB Working on Now?

At the moment, he’s working on Graffit Gran etc. which will include Lollipop Bob, Medusa 11 3/4, Never, Ever Tickle the Tickle Monster and The Attack of the Killer Traffic Cones. He’s presently in the middle of Tickle Monster which he is planning to finish by the end of October. Then it’s onto Traffic Cones.


Film News

This year, Billy Bob Buttons will be working on two projects: the film script for I Think I Murdered Miss which he also plans to produce, and a children’s book for yrs 1 - 3 entitled Graffiti Gran. It will also include The Attack of the Killer Traffic Cones, Medusa 11 3/4 and three others.