Billy Bob Buttons News


Latest Book

Billy Bob Buttons’ latest book (written under the pen name, Hickory Crowl) is almost finished. Hopefully, it will be in the shops in spring. It’s called The Skeleton Clock and it’s a post-apocalyptic novel for teenagers. If you liked The Hunger Games, you’ll love this!


Billy Bob Buttons is Back in Schools

Hi everybody,

After a long, LONG pause due to the pandemic, Billy Bob Buttons is now back visiting schools! If you are interested in organising a visit, contact his agent, Gregory, at


New Book Coming Soon

If you didn’t know, Billy Bob Buttons has another pen name, Hickory Crowl. He’s presently working on a new post-apocolyptic young adult novel entitled The Skeleton Clock. It’s the first in a trilogy and should be in the shops by 2021. Fingers crossed!